Turf Colorant & Grass Paint

Green Lawn Paints
Green Lawn Paints

Green lawn paints quickly turn brown grass to lively looking green grass in just minutes. 

Endurant green lawn paints continue to be the best turf paint choice for professionals, including sod growers, golf course superintendents and other property managers. Now, Endurant green lawn paints are available for home lawns. So you too can have the pristine look of lush green grass!

  • Green Lawn Paints Endurant TC

  • Green Lawn Paints Endurant Premium

  • Green Lawn Paints Endurant FW

  • Green Lawn Paints Endurant PR

Endurant Premium

Endurant Premium is an eye-popping, lively green colorant bringing even the thickest lawns and taller grasses to life with a deep green ultra-concentration of the Original blend of organic pigments.

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Green Lawn Paints

Endurant PR

Endurant PR offers the gorgeous dark green reminiscent of looking over the famous golf courses of Augusta, GA with a concentrated blend of organic pigments and binders for excellent adherence to turf grass with a color made to match the deep saturated green of Perennial Rye.

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Green Lawn Paints

Endurant FW

Endurant FW is the deep green of a lush forest that keeps all eyes on the fairway with a high concentrated blend of organic pigments made for fairways and other applications where a rich shade of green is desired.

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Green Lawn Paints

Endurant TC

The Original shade of Endurant Turf Colorant is a vibrant natural green associated with the liveliness of actively growing plants and turf. It is suitable for many applications.

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Green Lawn Paints

How easy it is to use Endurant green grass paints:

  • All you need is water, a garden sprayer and the Endurant green grass paint color of your choice.
  • Pick your color. Endurant comes in multiple shades to best match your turf grass variety and desired look. 
  • Mow lawn, remove any debris and select a time where rain or snow are not in the forecast for several hours. Applying during a morning dew, however, can yield great results. Otherwise, apply to a dry lawn.
  • Follow all label instructions, including to mix green grass paint well.
  • Using a garden sprayer or backpack sprayer for larger jobs, it's best to start by working backward so you don't step on the freshly painted grass. 
  • Also, applying in two directions will give the most even appearance without any streaking. 
  • Enjoy a green lawn for up to 3 months, depending upon weather and frequency of mowing. 

Who is using Endurant Green lawn paints

Lawn maintenance professionals, homeowners, real estate agents and HOA communities all enjoy the benefits of Endurant green lawn paints. Click here for more information on becoming a professional Endurant retailer or Endurant green grass paints service provider. 

Homeowners and HOAs can avoid dead looking grass or violations from water restrictions. Still, they maintain lush green lawns and common areas with Endurant green lawn paints with less lawn maintenance time, lower costs and less water used to attain a gorgeous lawn.

Real estate agents recommend Endurant green grass paints to home sellers for increased curb appeal, less time on the market and increased home value and sale prices. Home sale prices increase 10 percent or more with a landscape improvement as simple as painting with Endurant green grass paint! Click here for more on the real estate value increases possible with Endurant.